Seidensticker is a family owned company established in Germany over 100 years ago. Their unique combination of tradition, high quality and innovation has led to them becoming an eminent shirt manufacturer.

They take quality seriously with garments undergoing 142 checks in production. Seidensticker represents style consciousness, and a lasting sense of fashion and attitude. 

Sustainability and Ethics

Seidensticker ensure that their production sites and fabric suppliers meet the highest social and ecological standards. A member of the Better Cotton Initiative, the shirts are super soft  100% cotton grown from sustainable resources and use less water than ‘fast fashion’. All buttons, yarns and accessories are sourced with a sustainable approach.  Seidensticker uses  environmentally friendly packaging that is biodegradable and plastic free.

What we Love about Seidensticker

We love the fine tailoring of the shirts and Seidensticker's attention to detail.  The fit combined with the quality of the materials make Seidensticker shirts a must have wardrobe staple. Pair with our sustainable chinos for that quintessential smart casual look!


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August 27, 2022