A Brief History

The earliest form of underwear was probably a rudimentary loincloth!

As we became more civilised, wearing an under layer became the norm as it protected the wearer and their clothes… ‘underwear’ in its various forms became part of daily clothing. 

Styles from the bizarre ‘codpieces’ of the Tudor era to the 19th century ‘union suits’, developed over the centuries as fashion became more elaborate and different types of fabrics such as cotton and silk were used.

Modern men’s underwear as we know it started in the 1920’s.. The 1920’s pant  borrowed ideas from the boxing ring (hence ‘boxers’) and in 1935 the first jockey briefs went on sale becoming a huge seller!

There are now many styles of men's underwear to suit all body types and preferences, but the 4 most popular styles are briefs, boxers, trunks and boxer briefs.


Brands We Range

We range the following brands because of their commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable production methods. Plus their products are supremely comfortable and designed to last.


From humble beginnings in the 1940’s in Dublin Vedoneire formed as a company in 1951. 

A family run business, Vedoneire have always been renowned for their passion for quality fabrics and today still follow the same very high standards as when they started.

Thought Clothing:

Started in 1995 Thought have sustainability as their core value. 

Their brand ethos is sustainability, quality and ethical sourcing and by using natural yarns (such as bamboo and organic cotton) 

A Brief Look at our Top Picks

Vedoneire Cotton Briefs

Vedoneire's most comfortable and supportive briefs, they are also side seam free for greater flexibility. 

With a fly opening, soft waistband and made from beautifully soft 100% fine cotton rib they give a luxury feel everyday!

mens navy coloured cotton briefs with paisley pattern

Thought Striped Bamboo Boxer Trunk

Ethically made stripy men's beautifully soft bamboo and organic cotton blend boxers.

A breathable, soft, sustainable fabric that is stretchy and moulds to your body with a comfortable, elastic waistband.

thought bamboo boxer trunks in blue stripe pattern

Vedoneire Cotton Boxers

Spun from the finest 100% cotton these boxers are designed to give a loose comfortable fit with a concealed button front fly opening and plush inner elastic waistband. 

The boxers have a back panel for natural body contouring and clean finished seams for comfort and durability. 

 vedoneire cotton boxer shorts in light blue

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May 14, 2022