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Snake Plant Animal

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Plant Animals are a fun way to decorate your house plants!

Our Plant Animal Snake, complete with a tiny forked tongue simply slithers onto a leaf of desire. This bold boa will make a statement on any houseplant.

  • 1 x Brass Plant Animal approx - 6.5L x 3W cm
  • Corrosion resistant brass
  • Packaging: FSC Paper with a biodegradable cellophane wrap - 15 x 5cm
  • made by Another Studio

ethics & sustainability: FSC 100% Recycled Paper, Plastic Free Compostable Bags, paper and card-based packaging, Carbon Offsetting, works in an ethical manner 

Etched in metal, the snake simply hangs onto your plants. There are plenty of cute creatures to choose from, why not click to view the entire collection at Eclectic Hound.

Snake Plant Animal