If you are looking for ice cool barware read on for our top pick of innovative barware and wine accessories. Click on the handy links to shop the product.

Giant Ice Cube Tray 

We love the large ice cubes this tray produces. They melt slower so will keep your drink cooler for longer without diluting it. It comes with a lid, making the perfect no spill ice cube tray. 

Try these ice cubes with neat whisky, gin and tonic and iced coffee…you can even freeze fruit in them for added summer coolness!

large silicon ice cube tray with lid

Diamond Ice Tray

Diamonds are truly a drink's best friend! We cannot think of a better way to elevate a cocktail. 

These luxury ice cube trays are made from silicon. They are easy release, forming a perfect diamond shaped ice cube every time.  The diamond ice tray would be welcome addition to any home bar and make a sparkling gift.  

silicon diamond ice cube tray

Wine Chillstick

The wine chiller stick is the perfect solution when you have a bottle you need to chill in a hurry. Simply store this gadget in the freezer and after a couple of hours it’s perfectly chilled and ready to pour a cold glass of wine in an instant!

Made from high quality stainless steel and silicone, it’s a super sleek design. We think this wine accessory is a must have for the home bar and would make the perfect gift for a wine lover.  

silicon and stainless steel wine chiller stick

Ice Sphere Moulds

These ice spheres are the perfect companion for whisky on the rocks. Round ice spheres melt slower than traditional shaped ice cubes because they have less surface area. The slow melt rate leads to less dilution. Made of silicon, these ice spheres are easy to release.

We think this barware essential would make a thoughtful gift for a whisky lover.  

whisky ice ball maker made from silicon

Hex Whisky Stones

Looking for something different to chill your favourite malt whisky without diluting the taste? whisky stones are an ideal alternative to ice. 

Whisky stones couldn’t be easier to use, simply store the basalt stones in the cotton bag provided, pop in the freezer and the next time you pour a drink, simply add the chilled stones. 

This whisky stone gift set comes in a presentation box. With zero dilution, it’s the perfect solution for the whisky connoisseur!


basalt whisky stone gift set

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July 14, 2022